All my friends are creeping into that stage of moving on from snowed in, lazy nights and pushing forward into spring. Every year, the sun in our face is an excuse to get off the couch again and start walking around mountains for no reason. Pirouette is the perfect soundtrack for this time of year. The song "Kiss and Tell" shows the more sensitive side of the band with the lyrics, "there's nowhere i'd rather be than glued to you." The band still kicks it with a fun side as evident in "CJ Rough Wreath" in which they start off the song by singing, "300 is a movie, that's what he bowls from time to time!" There is a certain beautiful rawness in all their songs that lets you know they weren't trying to mask anything, just spitting how they really feel. There are three dudes and one girl, apparently Amanda only sings but you will hear way less of her on the second album. Their last myspace blog says their not really playing together anymore which is a total bummer; but they threw up all of their music and their other musical projects' music on there too (Spit on a Stranger). And dontcha know bassist, Brendan Graham, also plays guitar and sings in Everyone Everywhere and the Drummer, Brendan McHugh, also drums in Everyone Everywhere. DOUBLE BRENDAN, DOUBLE BAND, DOUBLE WAMMY! I hope this music makes you feel as good as it made me feel. noodley, Philadelphia chantdriven, indiemo goodness.


Marathon Girl

Three dudes, three songs, lots of dancing, just finished a 2-week winter tour with the late great magic missle, lots of national bohemian, 4/20 for life, is that reverb? chillin, textin, mac store shirts, monster trucks, and dumpster dived pastries. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!?



These are two flyers I recently got a chance to work on, let me know what you think internet world. Always having fun with colors. {Click for full sized images}

Good friends and a crazy lineup in Frederick, MD!

My sister is turning 22, come party with us in College Park, MD!

You can catch more of my artwork over here.

A Voice Like Rhetoric

Strange how refreshing it is to listen to music that is difficult to describe. I will rack my brain anyway to try and find a few words. A Voice Like Rhetoric is a half Ohioan/half Pennsylvanian quartert of rock and roll mathematicians. There are parts of this album that I feel draw attention from a wide range of listeners. Even some of the individual songs seem to dose out large portions of gutsy sections alongside melody driven fragments. The style is far but overplayed. You kind of go into the album assuming a certain similarity between all the songs. There is an immense amount of content and I find myself struck by new parts every time I listen to the songs through. I also give these dudes props for taking the opportunity to spread awareness about social issues as musicians. I'm digging the music and I hope that some of you can enjoy it as well as the entertaining song names.

Please Don't Call Me A Mindless Philosophy Music Video



I am excited to post my first of many rap albums to come. Felt is a hip-hop group comprised of Minneapolis rapper Slug (Sean Daley) of Atmosphere and L.A. rapper MURS (Nick Carter) of Living Legends. The two teamed up after doing a tour together and considering the prospect of courting various celebrities. Both of this artists need little introduction and their lyrics pack a punch; give it a listen and relax your earholes.

This is the first album by felt and is dedicated solely to actress Christina Ricci. The dedication was part of a wager between the two MC's of who could sleep with her first. Both remain unsuccessful. This entire album is produced by The Grouch of Living Legends and includes scratches by Mr. Dibbs.

Round 2, the duo attempts to win the heart of former Cosby Show star Lisa Bonet. This album is produced by Ant, Slug's DJ in Atmosphere.

The latest. This album is produced by rapper atmosphere who is also on Definitive Jux Records with MURS. Slug, MURS, and Aesop went through a laundry list of ladies to dedicate this album too but finally settled on Rosie Perez.

Prepare to have your ears blown.



Laurel consists of Alan (guitar/lead vocals) from Cotton Candy Collective along with Dan (drums) and Sam (guitar/vocals) from the late Magic Missle. I was quite sad to see Magic Missle, but if I do say so myself, Laurel definitely does justice. Just a couple fun dudes making some fun music about chillin and girlies. The music is upbeat, choppy, and damn catchy. I am especially fond of the song "Pocahontas, Honest", just try and not sing along. I haven't seen these guys yet, but Dan and Sam are damn good friends so I'm sure they will peeped soon. Download the EP and come chill with them, they are playing a few shows around the Baltimore area on the soon.


The Story So Far

Back from the GRAVE, walking dead I suppose. Dylan here with a post after sleeping for 8 months. I hope that you all can accept my apology. Today I bring you a genuine pop punk band out of Bay Area Cali by the name of The Story So Far. They have been dominating my speakers for the past two weeks; so I thought, why not share the goodness? Be careful google searching their name, there's a good chance you'll click upon a fashionxcore band from the UK or lyrics to a New Found Glory song. These dudes are far from running on appearances and far from hating on others, something I've noticed a lot of in the pop punk scene lately. I mentioned in the Title Fight post that the line between hardcore and pop punk has been severely clouded in the past couple years. This music is so straight forward. No melodrama, no forced breakdowns; just playing jams and singing about life. Strong and precise melodies are backed by cutting chunky guitar lines along with thudding bass and drums. A lot of the lyrical content is true to being a teenager: kicking it with good friends, dealing with the stress of girls, trying not to sell yourself out. Good Stuff. I have been communicating with these guys about playing a couple shows when my band goes on tour this summer. They seem like really nice dudes and I am excited to get a chance to experience their live show. Check out the video at the bottom to get an idea of the energy these guys are pushing. The coolest part is I think some of them are still in high school; so they've got a lot of tracks to put behind them still. Enough of my opinion; check it for yourself!!


Wolf Whistle

Hello Blog World! I return to you after almost two months of no posts. Yes I must admit that I have been struggling between lazy times, motivated times, and busy times. But I am here today with a band whose music represents the fast-paced chaos that is now my life. Wolf Whistle is a young and angry trash-thrash four-piece from New Bedford, Massachutsets. If you're like me, you don't really care if a band's songs all sound the same, as long as they're less than a minute long.

These two albums combined are about 10 minutes long, so if you don't like it.....well....you only really lost ten minutes of your life. And as much as I'd like to forget about it; I've already lost at least 40 minutes of my life at an Akon concert. Prepare for fast blast beats with breaks into slow sludgy breakdowns. There is an amount of anguish that can be sensed in the singers voice that just makes you want to scream yourself. So if you're feeling a little angry, let out a healthy 10-minutes of rage to these two albums.