All my friends are creeping into that stage of moving on from snowed in, lazy nights and pushing forward into spring. Every year, the sun in our face is an excuse to get off the couch again and start walking around mountains for no reason. Pirouette is the perfect soundtrack for this time of year. The song "Kiss and Tell" shows the more sensitive side of the band with the lyrics, "there's nowhere i'd rather be than glued to you." The band still kicks it with a fun side as evident in "CJ Rough Wreath" in which they start off the song by singing, "300 is a movie, that's what he bowls from time to time!" There is a certain beautiful rawness in all their songs that lets you know they weren't trying to mask anything, just spitting how they really feel. There are three dudes and one girl, apparently Amanda only sings but you will hear way less of her on the second album. Their last myspace blog says their not really playing together anymore which is a total bummer; but they threw up all of their music and their other musical projects' music on there too (Spit on a Stranger). And dontcha know bassist, Brendan Graham, also plays guitar and sings in Everyone Everywhere and the Drummer, Brendan McHugh, also drums in Everyone Everywhere. DOUBLE BRENDAN, DOUBLE BAND, DOUBLE WAMMY! I hope this music makes you feel as good as it made me feel. noodley, Philadelphia chantdriven, indiemo goodness.

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